Yves Brayer, the master of graphics and colour

Yves Brayer's life was at a crossroads, as his father considered him a soldier. However, due to an unforeseen circumstance, this changed completely.

Biography of Yves Brayer

Yves Brayer was born in 1907 in Versailles. He spent most of his childhood in Bourges. As a political officer and horseman, his father instilled in him a passion for his horse. Living in Provence with his mother led to the discovery of landscapes found in his paintings. What is impressive is that his mother made him attend the school of applied arts in Bourges 1. Thinking about his military career, he broke his kneecaps by falling from his horse. He therefore devoted himself entirely to painting. In Paris, in 1924, his father, who had become a general, was assigned to the Ministry of War. Yves Brayer then attended the Montparnasse and Grande Chaumière institutes, then the Paris School of Fine Arts, where he was crowned professor in 1926. He preserved his personality from an early age. Elders such as Jean-Louis Forain and the sculptor Robert Wlérick strengthened his self-confidence while introducing him to modelling. In 1954, he won the Grand Prix des Beaux-Arts de Paris. For more information, visit the Estades Gallery. 

Presentation of his works

His hobby of printing led him to apply the techniques of copperplate and printing. He was inspired by many printers and a number of prints of books by Jean-Louis Vallas, Marcel Pagnol, Jean Giono, Baudelaire, Blaise Cendrars, Claude Raimbourg, Frédéric Mistral, Paul Claudel, Henry de Montherlant, etc. Yves Brayer is also the author of French theatres, cartoons and fantasy wall decorations. He had also presented them in Avignon, Toulouse, Nice, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon and Amsterdam. The French National Library hosted an exhibition entitled "Yves Brayer, engravings" to celebrate its 70th anniversary and the Musée de La Poste in Paris to exhibit his works during the 1978 stamp issue. The Musée Marmottani was a major consideration in 1993, and the Boulogne-Billancourt Museum of the 1930s to celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2008.

Yves Brayer Museum

In 1960, the first Yves Brayer Museum was opened in the town hall of Cordes-sur-Ciel. From 2006, the artist’s works were included in the collection of the new Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, housed in the beautiful gothic house of the Fauconnier, along with works by Picasso1, Léger2, Aline Gagnaire3 and others donated by André Verdet. Finally, in 1991, the Yves Brayer Museum appeared in Les Baux-de-Provence, a late 16th century mansion in the Chapel of the Fine Whites, decorated some time earlier.
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