Jean-Claude Baumier: an artist from Orléans

Born in Orléans in 1944, the artist is now one of the contemporary artists who distinguish themselves in their art. Nature is often discovered through his paintings. The forests of his childhood have undoubtedly influenced the majority of his works.

The artist

He discovered a love for art at a very young age. Drawings, paintings and music are subjects that interest him greatly. Throughout his life, art has always been present. The discovery of pastel made him discover a particular attraction for this discipline. It is for this reason that he dedicates his entire career to it. Through his works, we discover the particular interest that the artist has for landscape and abstract art. Jean Claude Baumier is simply a painter who seems to write verses through his paintings. Master pastellist, Jean Claude Baumier is a member and teacher of the society of pastellists of France.

The works

As mentioned above, the artist's works are between landscape and abstraction. This mixture takes us into a dream while making us experience reality. The works of Jean Claude Baumier provoke emotions in those who look at them. The artist's works are rich in color. He uses fused forms to accentuate the abstraction that his works often display. The main technique used by the artist is the Sfumato. This technique was created by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The imprecise outline of this technique is present in all of Jean-Claude's paintings. In the artist’s work, we discover landscapes with a new face signed Jean Claude Baumier.

Artist from Orléans

Jean Claude Baumier is a member of the Orléans artists' society. Founded in 1924, the society brings together more than 2000 artists. Some of them are world famous. The goal of the society is to give artists the opportunity to have access to modern platforms to practice their arts. Events are organized to allow artists to showcase their work. The company is very advantageous for the artists, because it gives free rein to the artistic meeting and exchange. The artists are able to make themselves known beyond the borders and some of them have the chance to become famous on an international level. The artists who are members of the society are very diversified, as one can meet sculptors, painters and those who practice applied art.
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