How to buy a vase by the artist Jean-Claude Novaro?

Art is a very broad field, encompassing not only works by painters, sculptors or draughtsmen, but also stained glass as an art form. Jean-Claude Novaro is one of the most renowned French glass artists of the 21st century. But how to get a Jean-Claude Novaro vase?

Who is Jean-Claude Novaro?

Jean-Claude Novaro is a master glassmaker. He was born in Antibes in 1943 and he studied at Eloe Monod. He created his glass factory in 1977. As a natural inventor and outstanding colourist, he has repeatedly worked on the reaction of glass with enamel, oxide and gold inclusions. Silver, pure research always takes his creation further, these things are as unexpected as the original things. Find out more about his career here. The artist will present more than 120 exhibitions worldwide, including Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Japan and the United States, under the nickname "King of Glass". He is known for his tireless research, and his love to use his own hands to make every piece which will leave his studio. In 2003, the Minister of Culture Renaud Donnadier deVabré awarded him the "Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres". A son of a gardener, he had been close to humble people and he knew how to awaken friendship between great people of the world. 

The works of Jean-Claude Navaro

At the beginning of his career, the artist Jean-Claude Nogaro was not very successful. He decided to set up his own studio to research and create unique things which would be attractive. Indeed, this did arouse the curiosity of celebrities. Eventually, he had his first exhibition in Monaco, and then in the United States. He became a celebrity and everyone wanted his art works. Part of his creation is a mixture of glass and powder in the form of vases, bottles, jugs and other wonderful art objects.

How to get Jean-Claude's work

Jean-Claude Nogaro's vases are exhibited and sold online, but some are also on display at the French Fine Arts Pavilion. The Estade Gallery has several great works on display, including white bottles, blue sculptural bottles, green and pink bottles and orange and blue chandeliers. If you are interested in buying any of these, you can also attend various auctions organised by certain galleries. In order to participate in the auction, you must first register. After confirming your e-mail address, you will need to complete the user profile by filling personal information. Choose the lottery you are interested in and indicate the maximum amount you wish to bid. Once you have confirmed your choice, your application will be sent electronically to the relevant auction house. 
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