Françoise Abraham: one of the exhibited artists during the next exhibition of Saint-Brisson

The artist has been immersed in the world of art since she was a child. She was a classical dancer when she discovered contemporary dance and fell in love with it. It is thereafter that she will be fascinated and will enter the world of the sculpture. This is what she does best. She uses a mixture of techniques that can be recognized through her works.

Special feature

Françoise Abraham's works reflect fantasy, exuberance, roundness, humor and lightness. A unique personality that makes her works an easily recognizable style in the world of sculpture. Having already worked in Italian and Parisian workshops, the artist has a well-established technique. She is a demanding person who knows what she wants. She combines roundness and lightness like no one else and produces a particular aspect on her sculptures. The touch of elegance that Françoise adds to her sculptures surprises many. She often adds accessories to her sculptures.

Materials used

Françoise Abraham uses various materials to create her works. Through the patinas she creates, we discover the beauty of bronze. Her way of playing with light gives her smooth sculptures a unique glow. The artist knows how to play with curves and this material is ideal to bring out the shapes. She also uses resins to bring out her personal style. Françoise uses this material to create accessories through which she brings out a touch of madness. The artist does not limit herself to these two types of materials, she also uses chrome.


The artist participates in many events, including the contemporary art fair in St-Brisson-sur-Loire. Françoise's works are of multiple sizes, some of which are quite imposing. Like the FASHION LADY, made of bronze with a size of 500* 700 cm. Created in 2012, the work is located in China in Shenzhen. Françoise also likes to create colorful sculptures. For example, the ENJOY LADY which is in Cheongju Lotte outlet in South Korea or the DYNAMIC LADY in Hyundai Amco, also in South Korea. "Attitude Rose" is a work made of Chrome and not bronze, reflecting the diversity of materials she uses. Françoise also creates paintings. Her works illustrate mostly the female gender and are rich in color. Here are some of the paintings created by the artist: the summer, the surfer, mimicry, next flight.
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