Focus on the lithographic work of the artist Claude Weisbuch

As a multidisciplinary artist, Claude Weisbuch has offered lovers of exceptional traits in art captivating works of art. His designs, which show a combination of passion and a sense of movement, are highly regarded in many countries. Learn more about the artist Weisbuch and his work.

Things you should know about the artist Claude Weisbuch

Born on 8th February, 1927, in Thionville, France, Claude Weisbuch is one of the French painters, draughtsmen and engravers who have left their mark on their time with unique and memorable works of art. The son of a Romanian father and a Lorraine mother, he spent his childhood in Nancy in the heavy climate of the 1930s, during which war, racism, economic crisis and dictatorship raged. To face the threats to the Jewish community at that time, his father decided to leave Nancy and take his family to the Free Zone. Claude Weisbuch was then exiled to Roanne during the German occupation, where he met a French teacher named Georges Hacquard. A man of incredible passion and wide-ranging culture, he was able to pass on to him his curiosity, taste and passion for the contemporary arts. During his childhood, the artist experienced the anguish and fear that he would later express in some of his works. Find the best Claude Weisbuch artworks on

The artworks of Claude WEISBUCH

Many countries such as France and Japan recognise Claude Weisbuch as one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. His talent is expressed through his outstanding paintings, drawings, engravings and lithographs. Among his favourite themes are the circus, musicians, equestrian scenes, theatre as well as characters such as Polichinelle, Harlequin, Quichotte, etc. Claude Weisbuch's works often resemble unfinished sketches of people passionately performing their art. He gives them movement, thanks to exceptional traits, the sparing use of colours and the liveliness with which he has drawn them.

Where to find lithographic works by Claude WEISBUCH?

The artist Claude Weisbuch, who died on 13th April, 2014, in Paris, left behind exceptional lithographs, drawings and engravings in terms of consistency and originality. Although he is no longer with us, the artist continues to delight trait enthusiasts with his vivid compositions, as a mirror to the greatness of his mind. Wesbuch's works are exhibited in many art galleries such as the Centre national des arts plastiques, the Artothèque de Brest, the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes, Marquette University in America, etc. Some of them are sold in galleries in the United States. Others are sold in online art galleries such as
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