Making oil paintings on canvas

Published on : 30 April 20213 min reading time
Oil paint has multiple advantages. In the artistic world, it is not uncommon to meet painters who choose to use this material. Moreover, it is the most known and it is not for nothing that artists like Rubens and Titian have chosen to use it to express themselves through their works.


Oil painting offers many advantages. A tool of expression very appreciated, this material is used by very famous artists. As its composition requires more time to dry, which allows to modify the creation in progress. Thus, offering the possibility to better exploit its imagination. This type of product is also resistant, which makes the works made from this kind of material last very long. See the many works of Rubens that are still as attractive as in his early days. Both classical and daring artists like to use this type of paint to create their works.


Learning to paint with oil on canvas seems to be simple if you take it step by step. However, it is important to point out that the talent of the artists that we have known and that we know has greatly contributed to the beauty of their works. Composed of a mixture of pigment and oil, oil paint is very simple to use. Apart from the material, it is necessary to have the right tools. It is also important to have a space that is totally dedicated to painting. Most artists have a room totally dedicated to their art. When you first start learning, take the time to make sketches. This will help you a great deal in the early stages of your learning process. Having a sense of observation helps a lot, especially when it comes to light. Light plays a very important role in the rendering of colors. Also, the brightness in a room can influence the rendering of a color. Therefore, make a habit of choosing your colors well. Artists often mix colors, before you venture into this kind of experience, take the time to practice. After several simple exercises, learn the techniques and choose the one that suits you best.

The important points

As you learn, you gradually learn to master the techniques of oil painting. Hence the importance of practicing as much as possible if you want to evolve very quickly. Mastering the art of mixing colors is a good point for an apprentice painter. It allows to create an intermediate color. The easiest way is to apply the colors horizontally, one on top of the other, and then finish by mixing them smoothly following the same process. For those who like to paint landscapes, learning to use a paint knife is important. Mastering this painting technique allows you to create thick areas on the paint. To discover other techniques, the European contemporary art fair is perfect to discover the techniques and evolution of oil painting on canvas.

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